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Apple iWatch Mockup by Thomas Bogner

apple iwatch mockup

Samsung has released their Smartwatch. Nike has their FuelBand. Apple is still not mentioning going down to wrist size, but Thomas Bogner shows us what an iWatch might look like and the features we wish for. Bogner’s vision follows the concept of the popular Nike Fuelband, giving it the style and futuristic feel we would expect from Apple. His vision of floating icons, access to our iTunes music libraries, and remote control of our Apple mobile devices fits perfectly with the concepts from Samsung, and what ¬†we would love to have. Imagine controlling your music playlists from your watch and pumping the tunes directly to a set of Bluetooth headphones. Checking who is calling without pulling the phone out of your pocket. There is no news from Apple that makes an iWatch eminent, but Thomas Bogner’s mock-up design fuels the fire in Apple lovers everywhere.

Via Dribbble