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Ask Google and Discover Your Plans, Photos, and Life

google search can now answer your personal questions

Google is in the midst of rolling out a new feature that is highly convenient and very thought provoking. The feature allows you to ask Google regular English questions to determine what is going on in your life. If you ask Google, “What is the status of my flight tomorrow?” it digs through your GMail, Google Calendar, Google+ Account, Google Drive to discover information about your flight and give you the information. This feature works on your desktop, Android phone, and Droid tablet, as long it supports Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean), or has the Chrome browser. What is so thought provoking? It once again shows us how intensely Google is able to glean insights into our lives via our accounts. The service requires a secure connection. This is a feature that reduces our guesswork searches and helps us pin down answers on the fly.

Imagine the power of this feature tied to voice recognition on your phone, tablet, or an Android powered automotive system. A few words and you have the answers you need from your Google accounts.

Via Google