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Bandai Gun Oclock Alarm Clock

The hardest thing to do is wake up in the morning. If you are like me and are not a morning person, when your alarm rings you just press the snooze button. What if you couldn’t press the snooze button and the only way to turn off your alarm would be to shoot your clock in the bull’s eye? That would definitely be an effective way to wake you up in the morning.

Gun O’clock from Bandai, Japan, is cooler than you think. The only way to turn the alarm off is by aiming at the upright target with the private pistol. Shoot at least 3 times and the beeping alarm will shut off. Try to find a better and more entertaining way to wake up in the morning. Without a good aim, the alarm will wake the whole family up. Also, have some fun and practice with 2 different game modes with Gun O’clock. Both Time Trial and Random Shot modes will help you get the bull’s-eye within seconds. Available only from Japan for $69.99.

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