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Braille By Hand Tape

braille tape

Trying to stay compliant with local or federal regulations concerning access for the blind has always been a big challenge.  If you needed something done quickly you had to find a company who had braille production equipment and pay a premium for fast service. The Braille by Hand Tape is a very innovative idea which solves the problem brilliantly.  The tape has all of raised dots necessary for producing any simple Braille message.  You simply use your hand to depress or remove the unneeded dots leaving behind an easy to read Braille sign. 

The tape is a great addition for any home with a blind individual.  You can mark cans of vegetables, jars, bottles, and any other household items they need to find.  The tape is sticky on one side and will adhere to most surfaces. The ideas which are almost limitless in how you can help the blind find their way around their homes with ease.

Via Yanko Design