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Bulletproof Three-Piece Suit Built with Nanotechnology

garrison bulletproof suit

Police wear heavy bullet proof vests. You cannot afford to look like a policeman, DEA, or FBI agent when you head to the office. You need protection with style. The Bulletproof Three-Piece Business Suit from Garrison provides the same type of protection as that bullet proof  vest, but without the obvious heavy look. The suit is constructed using a special nanotechnology that instantly hardens upon hard impact, like a bullet. The nanotubes stop bullets from penetrating your body, but you still take that hard slap to the skin as the bullet impacts. The suit is custom tailored to fit you by the Garrison Bespoke division. You look like a business tycoon, but have the protection you have always been reluctant to wear.

The suits sell for approximately $20,000, depending on your choice of style, location, and needs. Yes, that is right. The Garrison tailor can come right to your door. They know your business dealings make a killing. They just want to make sure your competitors do not make a killing, too.

Via Garrison Bespoke