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Clap Alarm Clock – Not What You Expect

Clap Alarm Clock by Urban Outfitters

You may have seen an alarm clock in the past that would shut off if your clapped but what about a clock which completely disappeared? The Clap Alarm Clock for most of the day and night looks like a simple block of wood sitting on your bedside stand.

Shutting off the clock display serves two purposes.  It saves on power consumption for the two AAA batteries since the display is not on.  It is a nice addition to keeping your bedroom nice and dark at night, too.  No more staring at the minutes ticking by during the night.  If you want to know the time just clap your hands and the display powers on.  The built in alarm will kick off and wake you up whether the display is active or not. 

This might not be one of the best gadgets for families with little children.  They will either be sitting on your bed clapping incessantly to watch the clock go on and off, or decide the block of wood belongs in their toy box.

You can grab one of these cool little clocks for just $26.

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