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Coin Eliminates Up to Eight Credit Cards


Coin is an idea most of us have been desperately wishing for. We are tired of carrying around a couple debit cards, a personal credit card, a business credit card, and a couple other cards. Coin consolidates up to 8 credit and debit cards into a single credit card sized electronic device that pair with your iPhone or Android phone to give let you use coin in place of the credit cards. You take pictures of the credit cards, swipe them once at home with the Coin provide device, and you are ready to go. Coin lets you step through the cards and bring up the one you want to use now. When the card is swiped, it provides the information for that credit card and the transaction goes through. You can even use it in ATM machines to withdraw cash.

Our first thought was this might be a security risk, but on further reading it can actually help protect your money. You leave the real cards at home and only the last four digits of any number are ever shown. You can pre-order today for around $50, or wait until next year and pay $100.

Via OnlyCoin