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Colette & Beats by Dre Executive Headphones

colette beats by dre executive headphones

Now there is one more reason for you to bust your hump to get into the executive suite. Ok, so you don’t really have to be an executive to own a set of Beats by Dre Executive Headphones, but it sure would feel better wearing them with your feet kicked up on 8 foot long solid mahogany desk with your sexy secretary taking notes. As a matter of fact, you might want to conjure up some ideas for how that secretary is going to look by listening to few rabid hip hop artists spit out some songs with the accompaniment of some hot young ladies. A man has to have big dreams, right?

The Beats by Dre in collaboration with Colette will provide you with some serious thumping bass to help you think while you make those tough executive decision, like pepperoni or sausage on your pizza.

Via HypeBeast