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Cyclops Wireless Mouse Keyboard Combination

cyclops wireless keyboard mouse combination

The world is coming to an end! Ok, maybe it is not quite that bad, but when peripherals are being created to satisfy the demands of thumb typists, something is amiss, but something is quite cool, too. The Cyclops Wireless Mouse and Keyboard is designed to allow you crazed thumb typists to upgrade to a full-sized keyboard, kind of. The Cyclops lets you grip a keyboard with more options, mouse touch pad, and room to type. It is designed to work with your Mac Mini, iMac, iPad, or iPod to give you a full size interface that lets you use your phone typing skills on a larger size.

For many of us this idea seems silly, but to others this idea is pure genius. Instead of learning to type on a full-size keyboard, you can transfer your amazing phone typing skills to the bigger sized world. Besides, it looks so darn cool.

Via Cyclops