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Dash Wireless Smart Earbuds – Headphone Lust Hits a New High

dash wireless earbuds

Headphone technology is taking massive leap forward from Dash. The company has designed a set of ear-buds that pack wireless Bluetooth, 4 GB of music storage on-board, 4 hours of battery power, a microphone for taking phone calls, and we are just barely getting started. The “smart” part of the headphones is going to blow you away. The ear-buds monitor your movement, your heart rate, oxygen saturation, and other statistics to help you monitor your workout and health. All of this information gets passed back to your smart phone to be processed by the included app. Remember, all of this power is packed into a tiny set of ear buds.

The Dash Wireless Smart Headphones are a Kickstarter project has raised over $2 million dollars, around 9 times what they sought, due to the exciting array of features and value. You can pre-order your set for $199 through the Kickstarter project.

Via GearHungry and Kickstarter