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Dropcam Pro Shows What Really Happens at Home

dropcam pro

Do you believe setting up a camera at home that you can monitor from anywhere is hard? The Dropcam Pro makes it so simple you are going to be shocked. You setup the simple camera in your home, configure it in about 60 seconds onto your WiFi network, and start monitoring from your computer, Apple iPhone or iPad, or your Android device. The camera uses cloud technology to make it available for your access no matter where you are. You can zoom in up to 8x, have a 130 degree field of view, and can even do two-way conversations over the Dropcam Pro.

The Dropcam Pro is priced at just $199. Imagine, for that low price you can monitor your kids, observe babysitters, keep track of contractors, and more, all from your iPhone, Android phone, or your computer.



Via Bless This Stuff and Dropcam