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Epson MoveRio Video Glasses

epson moverio video glasses

Epson has take the Android OS to new heights with their new MoveRio Video Glasses.  Imagine being seated about 20 meters back from a movie screen which is 100 meters across.  Picture being immersed in a 3D movie which is jumping right into your eyes. The MoveRio Video Glasses give you 4GB of SD Memory card storage to hold movies and video clips which can be swapped out to 32GB cards. The Android based control unit is WiFi capable which means in the future we may be able to watch YouTube, Hulu, and other movies right on the glasses. The video glasses are see through allowing you to see what is going on around you with out removing the glasses. This is the ultimate way to have privacy watching videos and movies since no one else can see the image except you.  The sound is pumped in through speakers built into the arms of the glasses. The platform has just been opened up to developers which should provide some very interesting apps in the near future.

Via Uncrate, You can learn more about the product from Epson.