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You No Longer Have To Cancel Stolen Credit Cards Ever Again Thanks To Final

final credit card

It seems like every week we read a report of another major retailer with a security breach with thousands to millions of credit card numbers being compromised. How many times have you needed to get your credit card number changed in the last few years because of a breach? Final is a new idea to overcome the problem. The card has no number printed on it. Your are provided a unique new number to use with every retailer, all from the one card. Final automatically changes your number for any retailer who reports a security breach. You can even setup spending limits, make one time use numbers, and get notified when any unusual purchases occur.

Final eliminates the possibility of a credit card number stolen from one retailer to be used anywhere else. Watch this informative video that explains how you can use Final to protect your credit card.

Via Digital Trends and Get Final