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Gold iPhone 5s

gold iphone 5s

The rumours are flying about Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5s and one of the hottest new rumours is we may finally get a choice besides white and black. The rumours claim Apple will release the iPhone 5s in white, black, and gold, with the gold being a subtle shade similar to champagne. Is there truth to the rumour? If Apple intends to add another colour gold is their obvious choice. In market studies gold is reported as the most frequently purchased colour for iPhone skins and protective cases.

We wonder how important is a new color to you, or are you more excited to see new features, or the anticipated simultaneous announcement of the lower cost iPhone 5c? If gold does arrive as an option, Apple better be prepared. It could quickly be a run away hit leaving them overstocked on white and black phones as buyers patiently await their delivery of the gold phone.

Via LA Times