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High Tech Skyscrapers Prepare to Blast Past One Mile High

high tech skyscrapers

Technology and new high tech materials are expanding the capability of builders and architects are quickly taking advantage. The tallest building in the world today is the Burj Khalif in Kuwait standing at an incredible 828 meters high almost doubling the Empire State Building’s 443 meters, but that is nothing. Designers and contractors in¬†Kuwait, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Miami, Shanghai, Saudi Arabia,and India are currently working on building plans that will all exceed 1,000 meters high with the tallest planned building with a height of 1851 meters, or 1.15 miles high. In the USA, the Miapolis in Miami is the tallest planned building with a height of 1006 meters and an estimated cost of $22 Billion dollars.

New materials and techniques are allowing the use of elevators and other utilities at heights that were impossible just a couple years ago. How high will man stretch his building towards the heavens? At this point, it seems impossible to predict.


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Via Industry Tap and Miapolis on YouTube