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Humble Home Printer Design by Tom Peach

Humble Home Printer

Is your printer a hulking mass of plastic, wires, and noise?  It does not need to be that way.  Tom Peach has created a new design which is functional, beautiful, and has a very simple form with clean lines.  What more could you ask from a printer?

There is only one glaring problem with the Tom Peach printer at this time.  It is still a concept, but one with great promise.  Tom’s focus was to leave behind the box like appearance of ordinary printers which are built for the office.  This printer is designed to be streamlined, easy to use, and highly functional for the average use, not just the techie. 

We will need to keep an eye on Tom Peach’s website for upcoming announcements.  Hopefully either Tom or a printer manufacturer will take the design and produce this terrific looking printer.  It will quickly become one of the coolest gadgets to add to your home computer center.

Via The Fancy