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HUVr Board Sets to Revolutionize the World with Real Hover Board


Remember those cool scenes in the “Back to the Future” movies where Marty McFly jumps on a hover board and takes of skateboarding the way of the future? That reality is NOW! HUVr demonstrated their hover board technology in Los Angeles in February not by calling in talented skateboarders, but by putting ordinary people with almost no experience on a skateboard onboard. The HUVr has automatic balancing, which means even if you are a total klutz, you stay on the board. The HUVr will be bundled with an Android or iOS app that helps control the board and records your trips to share with the world.

HUVr is scheduled to start shipping to customers in December, which will make it one of the hottest items on Christmas lists for 2014. This is a piece of technology that will transform personal transportation in even greater ways than Segway.








Via HUVr