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Hyperloop System by Elon Musk Will Allow You To Travel at 4,000 MPH

hyperloop system elon musk

No one can accuse Elon Musk of being mired in tradition or looking at things in traditional means. His overwhelming annoyance at the sever traffic issues in California tied with his incessant desire to push the technology bubble and bring it to the public fast is the motivation behind his latest announcement, The Hyperloop System. Elon has released just enough information via Twitter to cause a maelstrom of speculation to circle the globe. This new project comes on the heels of his Tesla Electric Car project, and the ongoing SpaceX project. The Hyperloop system propose to transport people from Los Angeles to San Francisco in under 30 minutes, but even more astounding is the potential of the technology transporting people from LA to New York in around 1 hour at speed of around 4,000 MPH.

The Hyperloop system is Elon’s first entry into the mass transit world, but is no surprise due to his innovative and futuristic views on transportation on the highways and into space. His formal paper on the project is expected by August 12th, when the frenzy will really begin.

hyperloop system elon musk

Via Huffington Post