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IMAX Private Theatre Brings the IMAX Experience to Your Home

imax home theatre

Almost 4 years ago the rumblings started about the possibility of an IMAX system for homes. IMAX recently announced their IMAX Private Theatre systems that allow you to put a real IMAX system in your home, but at a cost of almost $2 million. Imagine the experience of having that incredible sensory surround feeling in your home to share with family and friends. The $2 million price tag only includes the IMAX electronics, screen, and other IMAX specific hardware and installation. The cost of building the room to meet the requirements falls on your shoulders. This is the coolest home theatre system in existence today, and something we would all love to have, but hopefully with time the costs begin to drop.

IMAX gives the greatest experience possible for viewing intense action and taking you on incredible journeys. Now, it can be installed in your home or in your office. You can learn more about this new home theater design from IMAX by viewing the video on their site.

Via IMAX Private Theatre