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Incase Sonic and Reflex Headphones

Incase Sonic and Reflex Headphones

What the most important feature of headphones to you?  If your answers are sound reproduction and comfort then the Incase Sonic and Reflex Headphones are exactly what you are looking for.

Incase takes a unique path in creating their headphones.  They believe creating audio gear which is based on minimal design (as in beauty) and focusing on comfort and quality they are delivering what music lovers really want. 

What is fabulous about the Sonic and Reflex headphones is the fact the minimalist idea in design actually produces one of the best looking headsets you can find.  The flat black casing is contrasted starkly with the neon green ear inserts.  This contrast makes the headphones look very unique, which of course is not their purpose at all.

When you throw them over your ears is when you discover what Incase is really focuses on.  You will feel their detail to comfort in both the over the ear Sonic headphones, or the Reflex on-ear headphones.  Incase rounds out their series with the Capsule in-ear headphones and the Pivot over-ear headphone which is their lightweight compact headphones.

Via The Fancy and Incase Audio (Not available for purchase until September 2011)