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Is The Ad-Free Social Network Ello The Facebook Killer?


Facebook is the behemoth of social media services today, but complaints abound about the growing numbers of ads, privacy concerns, and their zero NSFW policy. Ello is a new player that  is emerging in the market that promise to be ad-free for life. Ello was growing at a modest pace of around 4,000 new signups per hour, until a viral announcement ripped around the internet leaping signups to over 27,000 per hour. The sparse layout, zero ads, and freedom of expression are attracting Facebook members, especially a younger audience, who have become disenfranchised with Facebook’s “make money” at every turn attitude.

Ello is also less restrictive on NSFW content making it a highly appealing platform for creative artists whose creations have an erotic edge. Ello is certain to face major growing pains, but the more open and free personality is certain to draw increasing numbers of people tired of Facebook’s busy interface, privacy issues, and restrictions.

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