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Jawbone Mini Jambox

jawbone mini jambox

Headphones are great most of the time, but sometimes you want to ditch the earpieces and share the music with friends. The Jawbone Mini Jambox is the perfect speaker accessory to pair up with your Smartphone or portable media player. Did you notice we said “pair up”? Yes, that is right, you can attach to the speakers via Bluetooth to eliminate the need for wires. Prefer a wired connection? The Jawbone Mini Jambox comes equipped with a standard stereo plug, too.

Size is the other reason the Mini Jambox is the perfect accessory for mobile music. This cool speaker is only 6″ long, 2 1/4″ tall, and 1″ deep. Do not let the tiny size fool you. The speakers pump out some great sound with the dual stereo drivers and bass radiator. To make it even cooler, you can choose from a variety of incredible colors to match your style.

The Jawbone Mini Jambox sells for $179.99.

Via Jawbone