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K-Array Anakonda Speaker

k-array anakonda speaker

Do you have areas in your home or office that appear impossible to install speakers without destroying the beauty of the area? Not any more. The K-Array Anakonda Speaker is a 2 meter long cable speaker with eight 1″ speakers tucked away inside the cool looking system. That just starts the fun. You can connect up to 32 of these speakers together to full any size room or outdoor area with sound. Imagine 64 meters of sound pumping out of 256 of those high-quality 1″ speakers. The system comes with two different cover socks allowing you to choose between white or black to match your area.

The system is flexible allowing it to go around bends, follow curved stairs, or virtually anywhere you need to go. Now, take a walk around those areas you though were tough to add sound to before. It may suddenly seem simple.

Via Werd and K-Array