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Keecker The Android Robot That Will Transform Your Life


You have dreamed of having a life like the Jetsons or a Star Trek crew member, but today you can do even more. Keecker is a small household robot packed with functions you really want, to strange theories. Imagine a robot that can turn any wall into a big screen TV with its built in projector. Picture a robot that can steer into your child’s bedroom or play area and send you images of what is going on right on your Android phone. Can you imagine having your stereo follow you from room to room with all of your favorite songs?

The Keecker gives you those features and so much more all controlled by swiping the screen on your phone, even when you are not at home. You can monitor the kids, check out the strange noise at night, from anywhere. Check out the video and be amazed. A robot may be coming to your home soon.

Via Werd and Keecker