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LG G Flex Curved Smartphone

lg g flex curved smartphone

LG may not be the first to hit the market with a curved smartphone, but the LG G Flex is the first curved Android phone to hit a wide market. Samsung hit the market first in South Korea with the Galaxy Round, but LG’s offering is slated to hit a wide market and has all the features of Samsung’s phone and more. The curved phones are designed to give us a more natural position for making phone calls, with the phones gently curving around our face from mouth to ear for better sound quality and microphone pickup. The intriguing question is if users will care. Smartphones are used more for internet browsing, photo sharing, taking photographs, playing games, managing finances, and keeping notes than making phone calls. The LG G Flex can do all of those things and do them exceptionally.

If you want a phone that provides better comfort, high speed, and improved phone sound quality, the LG G Flex may be your next phone.

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