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LG OLED Curved Screen TV Changes the Television World Again

lg oled curved tv

LG has always been a leader in television technology, but they just took a giant leap to the front of the pack with their new LG OLED TV with Curved Screen. If you are not aware, OLED stands for Organic LED. LG is now using an organic transmitter in this high end television that results in deeper blacks, more vibrant colors, and does not require the use of a backlight. The organic material provides the lighting when power is applied. All of that places the TV at the head of the pack, but then add in the televisions curved design that provides a real iMax Theater experience in your home. You feel like the picture wraps around you immersing you in the story.

This hot new technology sells for $15,000 for a 55″ diagonal TV. Ready for one last shock? This 55″ TV only weighs 38 pounds. You get a bigger screen, better picture, and a real theater experience with a fraction of the weight due to the new OLED design.

Via Uncrate and LG