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Makerbot Digitizer

makerbot digitizer

Makerbot has been an innovator in 3D printing and technology, but their new 3D scanner is going to turn the industry on its ear. It is not the first 3D scanner to hit the market, but it is the first one to hit a price level that makes it affordable for small design firms, factories, designers, and home users to afford. The Makerbot Digitizer is priced around $1400 with an expected shipment date of October. How much is this scanner going to change the world? Imagine letting young innovative minds have a method to transform their small toys and items into reproducible products and prototypes in minutes. Inventors and designers will finally have a tool that allows them to make a single sample and reproduce it for testing fast.

You can learn more about the Digitizer and the full line of Makerbot products and see it in action on the Makerbot website.

Via DVice and Makerbot