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Meridian Audio DSP 3200

Meridian Audio DSP 3200

Meridian Audio is well known for their high quality sounds systems.  The Meridian Audio DSP 3200 speaker system is their new compact speaker system which provides big stereo sound.  When paired with the Meridian Audio Core 200 you get a very powerful but compact stereo system with specifications to match full-size stereos.

The combination of the Meridian Audio DSP 3200 loudspeakers and Core 200 can be hooked up to the i80 iPhone/iPod dock to allow you to play all of your stored iTunes music in amazing clarity and volume.  With the i80 dock you will be charging your phone and blasting out music at the same time. 

The Meridian Audio DSP 3200 loudspeakers connect to the Core 200 via a single wire helping  your keep wiring clutter under control.  This tiny stereo system is perfect for any room on the home.

The system is available in either gloss black or white.  The system is designed to be combined with any of Meridian Audio’s other high fidelity hardware allowing you to create a complete audio or home theater experience.

Via Meridian Audio