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Nest Protect The Smarter Smoke Alarm

Nest Protect

You start grilling burgers on your indoor grill. Just a little smoke escapes the grill as the burgers brown to delicious perfection, but that whiff of smoke is enough. The smoke alarm starts screaming. You  grab a chair, rip off the cover, and pull the batteries to silence the noise. There has to be a better way. The Nest Protect comes from the makers of the Nest Thermostat and is one of the most innovative changes in home smoke and carbon monoxide detection in recent years. The alarm notifies you of trouble by using a combination of visual color changes and a human voice. The voice informs you whether it is detecting smoke or carbon monoxide. You can turn off the alarm with a simple hand signal instead of climbing a ladder. To make  your home even safer, the Nest Protect integrates with the Nest Thermostat. If it detects carbon monoxide, it can turn off the furnace to eliminate the most common source of this poisonous gas, while it alerts you of trouble.

The Nest Protect starts at $129.99 and is available both through Nest and Amazon.





Via Cool Material and Nest