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Nixon: The RPM & Micro Blaster Pro Headphones

Nixon gears up for this Spring 2011 headphone collection with their latest innovations: The RPM and Micro Blaster Pro headphones. The RPM includes a custom 40mm driver tuned specifically for dj monitoring. Robust, articulating joints for full range of cueing orientations. A unique gel filled ear cushions for that ideal comfort as well as a additional Iphone compatible remote cable with microphone. All in all the RPM is great for a dj on the go and is quite affordable priced at only $200.

The Micro Blaster Pro offers you high quality sound at an affordable price of $100. This model includes 3 sizes of co-molded silicone ear tips to customize fit your ear. Design inspired over-the-ear ergonomic cabling for support as well as Iphone remote compatible 3 button remote with microphone.

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