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Nutrismart Plates Knows What You Eat

nutrismart food management

Has technology and the latest gadgets for men finally gone too far?  Nutrismart along wiht Hannes Remote is working on a plan to have your plate keep track of your eating habits.  New technology is making it possible to have tiny edible RFID markers in your food which this innovative plate then reads. 

The plate then informs the monitoring system what you are eating and how much.  Suddenly those little white lies you tell yourself while you are dieting will not work.  You will have the truth staring you right in the face on your daily or weekly printouts.

Is this a concept you would enjoy having in your home?  While many dieters may consider it, top athletes and exercise fanatics will probably fall in love with it.  Now they will have a way to monitor their exact intake of proteins, carbohydrates, and critical nutrients.  They can fine tune their diet to achieve their goals in ways never dreamed of before.

Maybe science and technology has not gone too far, but it will take time to get used to the idea of your plate knowing what you eat.

Via Yanko Design