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370-inch Titan Zeus 4K TV

Looking for the ultimate television experience? Feast your eyes on the 370-inch mega TV that features a whopping 65 billion colors and 4K resolution. This TV is so massive that it almost measures the size of a regulation soccer goal. Truly a piece of work!

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Smart Roads Will Be Illuminating Our Highways with Paint

The design studios of Roosegaarde and Heijmans have collaborated on a project that may transform our highways in the future. Their innovation is a luminescent paint that charges itself during the light hours of the day and then can light up for up to 10 hours

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Amazon Fire TV

We have been wow’ed by Apple TV and Google Chromecast, but Amazon Fire TV just upped the anty. The new device from Amazon plays all of the online video sources you want, like YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, Pandora, and others, but also has access to Amazon’s

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HTC One M8

The popular HTC One has just been one-upped by the new HTC One M8. The M8 version sports an all metal unibody case that makes the phone tough and attractive. New battery technology and power saving features allow the phone to run up to 40%