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Piano Forte X-VII Series Headphones

Good earbuds are essential to any music listener but how much are you willing to spend to upgrade those generic iPhone earphones? The Piano Forte X-VII Series headphones are not only pretty awesome looking but come at a steep pricetag of around $2,700. Are you willing to spend that much for a pair of high end earphones? What do these do that other’s don’t? Well, to begin, the Piano Fortes have a massive 16mm driver which can produce an impressive amount of high quality sound. The headphones are actually made from milled metals, designed to actually mimic the performance and sound of a horn shaped loudspeaker. The earbuds also come in a variety of metals such as gold, iron, stainless steel or brass plate finishings. Each of these finishings have a different sound characteristics due to how the sound waves bounce within the earbud. I am not sure how far I would be willing to go to buy a pair but let me tell you that I would love to at least try them out and see what these Piano Forte’s really got.

OhGizmo via Piano Forte