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Pioneer SE-CL331 Washable Earphones

best headphones: Pioneer SE-CL331 washable earphones earbuds

This is for all of you who sweat while jogging, working out or lathered up with oil on the beach on a very hot day. How many of you, like me wish they could properly wash your darn headphones? Well now you can with the latest gadget from Pioneer – the Washable Earphones. You can now, once and for all, easily rinse that sweat and dirt away. Thanks to Pioneer’s IPX7 International Protection Rating, their earphones are waterproof up to one meter, and therefore completely washable! Other notable features include: an in-ear design (I would hope so), four included pairs of tips, 9mm drivers, and a gold plated 3.5mm plug. You can pick a pair for only $59.99. Enjoy!

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