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ProDesk3D 3D Desktop Color Printer by BotObjects

prodesk3d 3d desktop color printer botobjects

Let us start off by saying this is not a printer you are going to throw on your desktop and just start playing with. This incredible creation is about to redefine what is possible for inventors, engineers, and craftsmen with real technical skills. Imagine having the ability to take an idea, turn it into drawings on your computer, and then turn it into reality within hours. That is about to be reality for designers and engineers around the world.

The ProDesk3D is bringing the price and performance of 3D printing down to a more attainable level for smaller firms and individuals than was thought possible a few months ago. botObjects is leading the way to allowing inventors to take their ideas and testing them at a speed they only have imagined was possible. Innovation is about to explode due. Of course, if you have the desire, you can learn to create your own 3D miracles with the ProDesk3D.

Via botObjects