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Quma 3D Motion Capture Figure for 3D Computer Graphics Production

Cool Gadgets - Quma 3D Motion Capture Figure for 3D CG Production

It would be really cool to know all the intricacies of creating 3D computer graphics which mimic human movement, but not many of us wish to wade through the chore of learning intense 3D programs.  Even if you learn how to use the program you must understand how to setup the armatures and animate the motion.

Quma has come up with one of coolest gadgets of 2011 with their 3D Motion Capture Figure. Instead of trying to draw dozens if not hundreds for reference points for your 3D movie, you just pose a simple figure. 

The Quma 3D Motion Capture Figure works with your computer to capture the positions and motion you control with the small figure.  It translates this into a 3D computer graphics model to aid in creating games, walk-throughs, or just fun movies.

This product is being developed by SoftEther who is currently recruiting technology partners to help integrate the 3D motion capture figure with their 3D programs.

Via Tech Crunch and SoftEther