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Samsung Gear Fit – Be the Fittest Geek in the Office

samsung gear fit

Before we get started, double check that phone in your pocket. If it doesn’t say Samsung, you may want to upgrade. The Samsung Gear Fit is seriously cool enough to convince you to change phones. If you just went by its name, you would suspect this cool looking wearable technology was just to help you get fit. It does that with style, monitoring your heart rate, sleep, motion, fitness, and other facts to help you stay on track to ultimate fitness. The other features are just as cool. Leave your phone in your pocket and monitor incoming text messages and phone calls on your wrist. Check email, get appointment reminders, control your media player, and do it all wireless from your wrist. Add in a Bluetooth headset and ¬†you will rarely pull your phone out of your pocket except for surfing the net or watching videos.

We forgot to mention it works as a watch, too.

Via Samsung