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Sennheiser Worldwide MM550 Travel Headset

sennheiser mm550

When Sennheiser decides to make a travel headset to work in any environment from noisy coffee shops to airplanes you better pay attention.  The Sennheiser Worldwide MM550 Travel headset is not ordinary creation.  This headset is packed with features you would have never thought to ask for.

The headset starts out with oversized over-the-ear cups with noise cancelling technology.  You will no longer be annoyed by the snoring seat mate, noisy engine noise, or bustling activity.  Then you add in SRS WOW HD technology for SRS Labs for crystal clear sound reproduction. 

The MM550 is a bluetooth wireless headset so you do not even need to worry about getting tangled up in wires.  What really sets this headset apart is the microphone.  Instead of needing to pull off your headset when the flight attendant asks “coffee, tea, or me”, you just flip on the microphone so your can hear the outside world again.  Once you are finished placing your order, flip off the mic and enjoy the peaceful beauty of being lost in your music or movie again.

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