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SkyTran: Tel Aviv Builds the Levitating Public Transit of the Future


NASA and SkyTran jointly designed an amazing new method of local transport using magnetic levitation. The system is currently being added to the NASA Ames Research Facility, but the bigger news is that Tel Aviv has signed up to be the first city with the system installed. The SkyTran uses 2 person pods that travel over the SkyTran levitation system avoiding ground level traffic to get residents to their destination fast, but that only starts the fun. To get a ride you simply login to the website, or use your phone, to request a pickup. Within moments the car arrives to pick you up and whisks you away to your destination. The system produces almost zero pollution and noise.

The world is going to watch these two projects closely, then you can expect to see a flurry of activity as other traffic snarled cities jump on-board the SkyTran revolution.





sky tran tel aviv

Via Tel Aviv and SkyTran