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Smart Roads Will Be Illuminating Our Highways with Paint


The design studios of Roosegaarde and Heijmans have collaborated on a project that may transform our highways in the future. Their innovation is a luminescent paint that charges itself during the light hours of the day and then can light up for up to 10 hours during the night time hours. More importantly, the lighting can be controlled. The lighting can be tied to events or even sensor to illuminate when it becomes foggy, snow begins to fall, or when the roads are covered with ice. You can paint lines, or designs using the paint to more effectively tell the story. Imagine the road illuminating with images of snowflakes when it begins to freeze and snow.

The paint illuminates bright enough that it may be possible to eliminate street lights in many areas and rely on just the lighting from the paint. The concept is in field tests right now, testing the durability of the paint. Powerful lighting and warnings with no electricity required. Now that is an impressive concept.




Via Studio Roosegaarde