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Smile Smartwatch by Emopulse

smile smartwatch emopulse

Things are about to heat up in the smartphone and tablet market for a new reason. The Smile Smartwatch by Emopulse is an interesting new concept that is about to ship and started as a IndieGoGo project. The watch is a very cool looked phone and tablet computer bent around your wrist. It features the hot new OMAP 5 processor from Texas Instruments making it one of the fastest devices in development, and it needs all of that power. The watch is designed to learn from you. It uses an aritifical intelligence system to start anticipating your needs and improve your experience.

The device is 100% wireless. You cannot even plug in a headset to listen to your music, you use a wireless headset. Imagine having the coolest looking phone, tablet, and watch on the market all in one. The Emopulse Smartwatch Smile can be pre-ordered through their IndieGoGo project starting at $480.

Via IndieGoGo