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Solar Powered Drones That Stay Aloft for Years

solar powered drones

Titan Aerospace is about to change drone capabilities. Imaging a drone that flies 12 miles high. That 65,000 foot elevation puts it above commercial flights. Take that same drone and cover the wings and tail with high efficiency solar cells and you have changed drone use forever. The Solara 50 from Titan Aerospace has the potential to stay aloft for up to 5 years. The solar cells and batteries generate enough power during daylight hours to store energy for use through the night. Drone surveillance can continue unimpeded for weeks, months, or even years using this new technology.

When we think of drones, we usually think small. This drone is not a small craft. The wingspan of the Solara 50 is 164 feet. The first Solara 50 is expected to take flight early next year with an additional three craft launching by mid-2014.

Via Titan Aerospace