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Sony Experia Z Ultra

sony xperia Z ultra

When Sony decided to hit the smartphone market, they never considered doing it halfway as you can see with their new Sony Experia Z Ultra. First, it is hard to decide what to call this phone with it’s 6.4″ screen and slim design. Do you want to call it a mini-tablet with pone features, an over-sized phone with tablet features, or are we just going to use that new term phablet? You should throw all of those descriptions out and just say “WOW”, because once you discover this phone is waterproof, sports a 2.2 Ghz Quad Processor, and the latest edition of Android, you are going to be in high-tech heaven.

The Experia Z Ultra is a phone that will give Samsung a serious challenge and have Apple fans wondering if maybe someone just did it better.

Via Uncrate and Sony