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Sony Vaio Laptop Z – The Relaunch Has Begun

sony vaio laptop z

The new relaunch of the Sony Vaio Z line should have you grabbing for your wallet.  Finally someone is making a serious effort to compete with Apple’s Mac Air.  This ultr-thin laptop barely bounced the numbers on your scale weighing only 2.6 pounds.

Even at this tiny size the Vaio Z is packed with power.  It comes loaded with an Intel Core i7 Processor screaming at 2.7Ghz.  8GB of RAM makes sure you have plenty of memory for all of your favorite applications.  The 256GB SSD (Solid State Drive) gives you plenty of storage with fast access.  The SSD removes the spinning whirring hard drive noise and extends the life of your battery at the same time. 

Did you want to play games on this thin beast?  While it may not be ready for intense video games standing alone, plug it into one of the latest gadgets from Sony, the Power Media Dock, and you suddenly have a 1GB Radeon 6650M Graphics Processor to power your fun.  You can even hook up 4 monitors to the media dock.

If the 7 hours of battery life is not enough, grab the ultra-thin sheet battery add-on the double your battery life to 14 hours.  Watch out Apple, there is new player in town.

Via Acquire Mag and Sony