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Stance iPad 2 Stand

stance ipad stand

I always thought of the iPad as a great car accessory. Safe if your the driver? Not really, but regardless, imagine having that huge screen right there in front of you playing your favorite movies. Now your iPad can go everywhere you go. Stance is a revolutionary iPad 2 stand which fits in any standard size cup holder and adjust to different heights and angles. I do recommend using it for passengers or your kids in the backseat during a lot road trip. The great thing about this gadget is that you can virtually use it everywhere you can find a cup holder: the gym, the car, golf cart, the movies and more! 

Features include:
-Includes snap fit iPad case, telescoping arm, and cup shaped base
-Fits securely in wide range of cup holder sizes
-Adjustable height
-Moves and locks in wide range of angles, including portrait and landscape display mode
-Room to store iPad power cord and headphones within cup compartment
-Telescoping arm can be collapsed and stored within cup shaped base

Be sure to pick one up for only $28.

ipad 2 stand for your car

car ipad2 stand

Informational video:

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