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Stephens Tru-Sonic Speaker by Charles Eames

Trusonic Speaker Eames

The futuristic look of the Stephens Tru-Sonic Speaker designed by Charles Eames is amazing but comes with a hidden secret.  While this speaker would be an amazing gift for men who love music there is a tiny problem.  The hidden secret of this futuristic speaker is it was created in 1956.

Charles Eames created this speaker design for Tru-Sonic with the unique open face using Saran plastic for the speaker cone.  He had been tasked with creating a new design by felt the outer fabric covers of speakers were unnecessary.  He discovered the only reason the covers were in place was to keep the dust from accumulating on the paper speaker cones.  This is what led to the use of Saran. 

The base of this interesting speaker, which was surely one of the coolest gadgets of 1956, is from a rotating ottoman. The speaker was one of the first rotating directional speakers ever created.  These speakers would fit in perfectly with todays hottest hi-tech gear and not look out of place.  Charles Eames created a masterpiece in speaker design which is standing the test of time.

Via AjaNaku