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The Brightly Colored Scratch Resistant Low Cost iPhone 5C

iPhone 5C scratch-resistant plastic

The Apple rumour mills are full of speculations the next product announcement is bringing us the upgraded iPhone 5S and a new economical iPhone 5C. The 5C may rumour is creating even more excitement at people who have opted for Android phones due to lower prices are hesitating to discover price points and features. A new series of rumour have leaked out of China indicating the iPhone 5C will be available in four vibrant colours including red, white, green, and blue. The 5C brings plastic cases back to the iPhone family, but not the old style case. The new cases are expected to be a tough plastic case using scratch resistant plastic.

If rumors are holding true, the facts will becoming out in the next few days. A September 10th announcement is expected with the first phones hitting the market in Japan on September 20th with the USA release a few days later.
Via DVice and Apple Daily in Taiwan