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The RunChy Mouse Runs Away to Give You a Break

new gadgets runchy mouse

Do you need a new excuse to get up and walk away from your desk?  The Run-Chy mouse is one of the latest gadgets designed by Jung-Eun Park.  His design is intended to remind people to get away from their keyboard and mouse to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome.  His idea on how to accomplish this could turn into one of the best office gags, too. 

runchy mouse computer gadget

The mouse actually contains a tiny timer and set of wheels.  You set the timer and at the appropriate time your computer mouse runs away from you.  Instead of sitting ready by your hand for you to keep working you mouse suddenly has a mind of its own.  Imagine the fun you could have installing this on a co-worker’s computer instead of your own.  They would think they were slowly losing their mind.

The concept is a great idea with the continuing problems computer users have with carpal tunnel.  If the product comes to market it might even be a great addition for hardcore gamer’s to remind them to take a break from their games.

Via YankoDesign