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This Insane New App Will Allow You To Read Novels In Under 90 Minutes


Are you a slow reader? If that is the case, a Boston-based software developer named Spritz has been cooking up an incredible new technology to help you read a novel in under 90 minutes. Spritz has teamed up with Samsung’s new technology to release the prototype that will be compatible on various ebooks, apps, as well as other platforms.

Though this has been attempted in the past, Spritz has a different approach to solve the problem. By manipulating the format of words to more appropriately line them up with the eye’s natural motion of reading, readers can read quicker. The Optimal Recognition Point is located to the left of the center of each word, and is the precise point at which our brain deciphers each bunch of letters. By identifying the ORP letter of each word, allows us to to read the word with minimal eye movement, all resulting in faster reading and less time decoding each word.

See the outcome for yourself, it is incredible!

250 words per minute:

350 words per minute:

500 words per minute:

Via HuffingtonPost / Image via WeHeartIt