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Three Room Wireless Speaker System

three room wireless speaker system

Do you ever wish you had high-quality sound in different areas of your home? You would love to hear that hard-hitting music while you tinker in the garage, sit in the kitchen enjoying cold beer, or kick your feet up on the lounger in the family room. The Three RoomWireless Speaker system from Hammacher Schlemmer makes this simple. It has three cube shaped speakers you can pick up and move anywhere. The speakers use 2.4 Ghz signal similar to a wireless network to pump sound out to the speakers. The base station inlcudes a port for your iPhone or iPod. The speakers recharge when placed back on the base. Just turn on the music and spread the sound around the house.

The speaker system comes with a lifetime guarantee and has a low cost of $299.95. Put music where you want it without wires and powercords.

Via Hammacher Schlemmer